Hi, I’m Jenni and I am the Chairperson of Talk About SEND.  I’m a mother of three children all with different needs. For the past 15 years I have learnt a lot about SEND and how to navigate the systems that you come across as a parent. I have also undertaken a number of courses relating to areas of Special Needs Education including understanding children and supporting their learning through play. In 2015, I decided to home-educate my youngest two children who were in Year 3 and 6 at the time. This has given me an insight into different strategies and parenting styles and made me realise that there are many different avenues and approaches to education and success.

I wanted to be a part of Talk About SEND CIC because I am very aware of the struggles that parents and children face when trying to seek and secure support. I feel strongly that parents should be able to share their feelings and needs without fear of judgement or criticism as I experienced both when I began my journey with my children. I feel that Talk About SEND CIC can make a real difference to the lives and mental wellbeing of the families in our area.